About Sandy

Sandy Maranesi

Experience and Recoginition

Sandy brings a great deal of talent and humanity to her role as an interior designer. As an accomplished entrepreneur, she owns and operates her successful business, East Coast Makeup Inc., as a much sought-after makeup artist in film and television productions. In parallel, Sandy studies interior design both earning a degree in interior design with the New York Institute of Art & Design and most recently completing her Residential Interior Design Qualification Certification (RIDQC).

Her interest in interior design comes with a great passion for improving the living and working environments her clients call home and, well, work! A natural intuitive, Sandy listens carefully to her clients while making keen observations about their interior design dreams and desires. By so doing, she delivers exactly what her clients seek. Her easygoing nature and friendly rapport win her both a lengthy list of satisfied clients and lasting, meaningful friendships.

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Education and Reach

Sandy received her degree in interior design from the New York Institute of Art & Design. Born and initially raised in Lugano, Switzerland, Sandy moved with her family to New York at the age of nine. As a teenager, she moved again with her family to South Florida. Sandy resides in Fort Lauderdale, calling it home for the past 28 years.