Building Blocks

With access to over 100 suppliers of home furnishings, we possess the essentials to realize your home design goals. This wide-ranging array of design options – furniture, window treatments, floor coverings, wallcoverings, lighting and accessories – provides a near limitless palette from which we create your design dreams. Whether a full-home design or a one room refresh project, let us help you tell your story.  We possess the resources to make your design dreams come true.


The Collection

Perhaps you gravitate towards traditional design elements, like antiques and heirlooms. Or you find that you prefer a modern mix of natural and man-made materials, like wood and metals. Whatever your design preferences, know that I enjoy discovering what you love and creating your vision in the real world. As much an artist as a designer, I enjoy sharing my gifts of craft and creation with you.


Home Is Where the Heart Is

Remember wherever you call home, the heart follows. And as such, every room reflects our identities through tangible expressions of our interests and hobbies. While taking a look around your home – and wondering what design direction you will follow next – take a look at our gallery of rooms for inspiration. You might just surprise yourself by what designs you’re drawn toward. Please feel free to share your design dreams with me. I live so that others may fulfill on the realization of their ideal home. After all, home is where the heart is.