At Decorating Den Interiors, my goal remains to provide others with freedom of full self-expression anywhere in the world, at any time, regardless as to what that looks like. As such, nailing an interior design for my clientsthat expresses their deepest wants and needs and reflects the best version of themselves – utilizes my greatest gifts and demonstrates my sincerest successes for others.

“Thanks to you for all your help and great ideas!”
– Margy L., Dennis, MA; Nashville, TN

Fort Lauderdale Sky Rise

Project Investment: $150,000 – $199,999

Challenges: Update, right size and showcase.

Goals: Uplift, lighten and brighten.

Moving less than a stone’s throw away – from high rise to high rise – my clients seek to highlight their life’s achievements. With a love of colorful art from the Big Easy and a professional football team from their hometown, they desire to showcase everything from funky street scenes to an autographed football jersey. From floor to ceiling – with rugs to chandeliers – and wall to wall – a grass cloth accent wall and wrap around closet and office systems – I address every need from the pragmatic to the ecstatic. Highlight: Painted accent wall sections in media room and inside a master bedroom wall unit.

Nashville Farmhouse Sanctuary

Project Investment: $100,000 – $149,999

Challenges: Relocate, downsize and soothe.

Goals: Peace of mind, ease and hospitality.

Relocating from the Northeast to Nashville, my client needs a new home that ensures ease and peace of mind. I share both how to Determine Your Investment and How We Work page links in preparation for our initial meeting. And I learn, that after a challenging few years as caregiver for her husband, she wants a space that exudes warmth, comfort and hominess. And with a penchant for Tiffany blue, she asks to imbue her home with accessories in her favorite hue. Now, this full-home design provides a welcoming, comforting abode for the many houseguests that now enjoy my client’s hospitality. Highlight: The inclusion of two spontaneous and surprising statement pieces: a black demilune side table and a distressed hutch, the focal point for the first floor’s great room.

South Florida Great Room

Project Investment: $50,000 – $99,999

Challenges: Relocate, personalize and showcase.

Goals: Organize, coordinate and cohesiveness.

A transplant from the Midwest, my client – a professional in the medical field – looks to create a new home that reflects his personal interests. A collector of fine art glass and nature photographs, he wants to display his art collection in an unpretentious yet effective manner. Honoring the mid-century roots of his home and neighborhood, I opt to decorate the home with contemporary furnishings in a neutral palette. Today, this award winning, private retreat expresses my client’s love for his art with a subtle and sophisticated gallery/museum vibe. Highlight: A custom-made valance for the picture window that ties in both natural elements – with an ivory-colored raffia facing – and endcaps wrapped in the same fabric as the coordinating throw pillows on the gray sectional.

South Florida Lounge

Project Investment: $50,000 – $99,999

Challenges: Personalize, enhance and uplift.

Goals: Customize, coordinate and entertain.

A successful entrepreneur, my client wants to create an adult retreat where he and his wife can entertain their friends on the weekends. With three young children, the goal to create a separate room where he could entertain his friends independent of his kids remains a priority. I choose fine fabrics for the upholstered furniture in dark greens and beige to create a cohesive connection to the outdoors visible through the picture window. And several separate seating areas provide spaces for both a group to gather on the sectional to watch television or for a couple to enjoy an intimate conversation off to the back or sides of the room. Highlight: A window seat made by placing an upholstered bench with an opening on the backside to frame and optimize the view into the front yard.

Cape Cod Club Room

Project Investment: $25,000 – $49,999

Challenges: Update, refresh and lighten.

Goals: Nautical, industrial and modern.

The owners of this Provincetown boutique hotel landmark need to update, lighten and brighten a club room used for private functions and as a waiting room for guests dining at the restaurant upstairs. I introduce industrial elements in a metal sideboard and adjustable occasional tables to complement the classic lines of the mid-century inspired slipper chairs with gray upholstery and black wood frames. And deciding to carry the palette from the upstairs reception and bar area achieved a seamless cohesiveness. The updated look of the club room creates a sophisticated, contemporary vibe while honoring the traditional feel of its surroundings. Highlight: The one-of-a-kind, chain and rope wallcovering in the club room – Entwined ML 1050 – designed by moi!

Beachside Vibes

Project Investment: $25,000 – $49,999

Challenges: Relocate, compromise and coordinate.

Goals: Merge styles, create harmony and ease.

Working with a gay couple who relocated to Fort Lauderdale from Washington, D.C., they seek to merge their disparate decorating styles. Implementing a transitional strategy, I combine traditional antiques with white-washed finishes on a dining table and chairs. And implementing a combination of aqua and coral colors in deeper hues, I create a sophisticated yet playful beachside atmosphere. Now both husband and husband enjoy a creatively coordinated mix of the old and new. Highlight: A custom-made bench seat that ties the kitchen to the great room via a narrow dining area.

St. Pete Relo

Project Investment: $25,000 – $49,999

Challenges: Relocate, combine and consolidate.

Goals: Cohesion, cohabitate and collaborate.

Newlyweds, my clients seek to merge one family with a single spouse while moving to a suburb of St. Petersburg, FL from Maryland. Understanding that this couple came together under this one roof to live together for the first time, creates an opportunity to blend both families and their lifestyles. This full-home design project requires careful coordination of differing needs for every member of the family. A palette including neutral fabrics for upholstered pieces, dark wood for tables and chairs and jewel tones for accessories, creates a cohesive environment for these unique individuals come together as a family. Highlight: Using all in-stock and ready-made furnishings made for a swift selection, acquisition, and installation process.

Le Peu de Répit - The Little Respite

Project Investment: $10,000 – $24,999

Challenges: Reclaim, revive and renew.

Goals: Refresh, replace and restore.

My own little piece of paradise remains my studio condo in Provincetown, MA. After twenty four years of ownership and seven years rented out to year round tenants, Le Peu de Répit needs more than TLC. The stove stands rusting through. The rug stains defy cleaning. And even the flower box sits rotted beyond recognition. Two friends, two months and a lot of elbow grease return Le Peu de Répit to her former lustre. A new sofa bed, new stove, new bench, new rug, new air conditioner – not to mention a new coat of paint and venetian blinds – restore her integrity. Highlight: Small up lights behind a chair and in a darkened corner of the main room make the space feel larger and look inviting.