Personalized Design for the Design Wise

When you know what you like; but, you’ve no idea how to achieve it – “The Look” you love
where do you turn?

After striking out on your own, acquiring home furnishings you love, you bring them home only to hear yourself exclaim: “Nothing works!” Or the advice received from a furniture store left you with furnishings that literally don’t fit in your home. Or you change your mind about aspects of a professional designer‘s plan and implement ideas you “like” better; but, discover you’ve destroyed a cohesive look.

Well, whether you want to avoid any of these mistakes – or need to “fix” costly design decisions you’ve implemented on your own – when you’ve finally had enough, let us streamline the design process for you.

“Words alone are insufficient to describe Lance’s talent for ultimately – and not only – getting what I wanted for my home; but, in the end, also delivering what was needed for me and the next chapter of my life. Thank you Lance!”

– Kim F., PMP, Nashville, TN

The 15 Minute Discovery Call

  • Initiate contact to schedule a meeting, conducted via phone, FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meet.
  • During this introductory 15-minute call, we acquaint you with our design services.
  • This initial call serves as a chance for both parties to ensure compatibility and alignment for moving forward with your project.

Project Assessment Meeting

  • Arrange a comprehensive meeting, lasting approximately one to one and a half hours, to define the unique design parameters of your project.
  • This meeting can be conducted either in person at your home or virtually via FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meet.
  • During this session, we collaborate to ensure the project scope aligns perfectly with your style preferences and functional requirements.
  • We provide clarity on any questions you may have regarding Decorating Den Interiors and the ways we work.
  • The only additional information required at this stage is your desired financial investment.
  • It is essential that all decision makers participate in person during this initial meeting for efficient communication and alignment.


  • Utilizing our expertise as design professionals, we craft a bespoke design solution tailored to reflect your unique style and preferences.
  • We plan to conduct meetings directly at your home, allowing us to accurately assess your space and better understand your needs.
  • The design we create is carefully curated to complement your taste, existing furnishings, and space requirements.
  • Throughout the process, we ensure that the proposed solutions align with your investment strategy.

Design Creation and Presentation

Deciding to move forward, I then collect a Design Service Fee that covers the expense of initiating the design and product selection process. It also covers subsequent project management responsibilities including communication, ordering, tracking (i.e., order status and shipping and delivery schedules) and product installation oversight responsibilities.

We then return to our studio. We consider different design ideas, similar spaces we’ve transformed in the past and the product recommendations for your space. We offer a wide variety of quality furnishings that range from traditional to contemporary. So, at our next meeting, we will present a variety of design and product options: furniture, rugs, draperies, shades, lighting, wallcoverings and accessories. We deliver a personalized design plan created just for you. From design conception, furnishings selections and through to delivery and installation, we manage the entire process with your initial design and lifestyle preferences in mind.

Usually within one to two weeks we will meet – in person or virtually via video or phone. At this time, we will review the design plan, inspiration photos, furnishing selections, accessories, lighting and any other pertinent information related to the project. We will provide any materials available and appropriate for your review during the meeting beforehand via email.

Upon your approval of the design plan, we will prepare and deliver a written quote. Quotes include cost of goods, materials, manufacture, taxes, shipping, delivery and white glove installation costs. Receipt of an 80% deposit (for custom-made products) to 100% (for ready made, quick ship, and in-stock items) initiates the ordering phase. From there, we will communicate status of all aspects of the acquisition phase of your project.

After the walkthrough of your home, we’ll review with you your design and lifestyle preferences. And deciding to move forward together we’ll:

  • Collect a Design Service Fee upfront to cover the initial design and product selection process, as well as subsequent project management responsibilities.
  • Retreat to our studio to brainstorm design ideas, referencing past projects and considering product recommendations.
  • Offer a diverse range of quality furnishings, spanning from traditional to contemporary styles, for your consideration.
  • Present various design and product options, including furniture, rugs, draperies, shades, lighting, wallcoverings, and accessories, at our next meeting.
  • Deliver a personalized design plan tailored to your preferences, managing the entire process from conception to installation.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting within one to two weeks, either in person or virtually, to review the design plan, furnishing selections, and other project details.
  • Provide relevant materials for your review via email prior to the meeting.
  • Present a written quote upon your approval of the design plan, encompassing all costs associated with goods, materials, taxes, shipping, delivery, and installation.
  • Initiate the ordering phase upon receipt of an 80% deposit for custom-made products or 100% for ready-made items.
  • Maintain regular communication regarding the status of all aspects of the acquisition phase throughout your project.

The Reveal

  • Coordinate delivery and installation of furnishings through trusted white glove services, ensuring adherence to design specifications.
  • Guarantee meticulous execution of every aspect of your design plan, leaving you with a beautifully transformed home.
  • Simply step into your newly decorated space and bask in the ambiance without worry.
  • Contact us to kickstart a conversation about your upcoming interior design project.