Decorating Investment

And now the mystery – of how much you will want to spend on your home decorating needs and desires – solved. Refer to the table below to determine the range of the potential investment you can make in your home decorating projects.

Don’t see your exact home value? Have no fear. Just use a percentage – from 10% to 50% – of your home’s value to determine your decorating investment. Also included are the percentage ranges by room, so you can calculate your own potential spend – by percentage of your home’s value – on your own. Well, now you’re ready to begin your decorating project and know exactly what you can expect to spend.

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Determine Your Design Investment by Your Home's Value

On a PC, right click on the image to select “Open image in new tab” to view the table in a separate window.

This table helps you determine how much of a financial decorating investment you can expect to make when decorating your home. Whether you’re decorating one room in your home or initiating a full home design project, refer to this table for a range of what you can expect to invest.

Once you know how much you’ll have to spend, you can determine exactly what furnishings you’ll need to outfit your home.

NOTE: These design investment costs – either by room or home – reflect only decorating costs and not the cost of undertaking renovation projects.