Refresh and Renovate : What to Expect

Our refresh and renovation projects often involve similar steps and processes. Where a simple refresh project differs from a complex renovation project exists in the project scope. Refresh projects often stem from a desire to create a new look in a short period of time. Renovation projects often arise from a fundamental need to either update or bring certain utilities up to code.

Regardless, both refresh and renovation projects require a little more thought and effort than working with a blank slate. A blank slate – or an empty box – simply needs the creation and implementation of a cohesive design plan.

So, what should you expect with your next refresh or renovation project?

Review and Prioritize

First, we review all the aspects of the project. I then prioritize the order of tasks to be completed. This includes, but may not be limited to, some of the following:

Preparing the Space

Essentially, we will want to remove all items that you want to keep safe. We also want to free up any space you, me, and tradesmen need to access. Prepare the space by deciding which items to 1) save, 2) sell, 3) gift, 4) donate or 5) trash. Separate the items into different piles, boxes or areas to make reuse or reallocation simple to execute later.

Prioritizing Activities

As the space itself is being prepared, we will create a chronological list of the things to be accomplished. These include, but are not limited to, determining tradesmen needed, general list of materials, furnishings, accessories, lighting, etc., needed to fully complete the project.


Determine what structural or architectural elements will be eliminated. Also determine which elements will be added that require some level of demolition or construction. In turn, this informs the resources – human – needed to complete each task. Hire licensed and insured architects and general contractors to handle detailed structural design, demolition, construction and painting. Consider that removing walls of mirror and replacing with simple painted walls will require removal and disposal of the mirrors. Also needed will be repair and preparation of the walls to be painted. Adding a new built-in? Consider the design for the addition of plumbing and/or electrical features. A plumber and/or electrician will be needed to address all the desired features of the built-in.

Integral Functional Elements

Also, we will begin to select everything needed to complete the refresh or renovation project. Everything from paint to cabinets and countertops to lighting shall be selected. This way the tradesmen will have everything they need to complete their responsibilities on the project. For example, choose a countertop and fabricator to install the countertop while preparing to paint walls, install wallcoverings and install lighting.


Review and make final selections on all furnishings. These include furniture, rugs, lamps, accessories, window treatments, etc. Determine the items you plan to keep and those you need to purchase. Once selections for items to purchase are decided, the order processing and fulfillment portion of the project begin.


Next, once all the construction, painting, wall covering installation, lighting, etc., has been completed, the installation of major pieces of furnishings begins. This include installing rugs, upholstered pieces, case goods, etc. Also, at this time, any window treatments will be installed.


Finally, we will place table lamps, hang art and display accessories.

And that’s it! Understanding the goals at the outset and clearly communicating the progress throughout the process goes a long way to ensuring our refresh or renovation design project goes smoothly.

I look forward to sharing this design adventure with you. I will guide you all along the way. Remember to continuously ask questions and state your desires. That way we can fully address all your best interests and implement the best design solution for you.