Fee Schedule


As part of an international buying group, I offer competitive retail pricing for thousands of home furnishings, accessories, lighting options, window treatments, bedding ensembles, area rugs, outdoor furnishings and more.

Upon our initial meeting and subsequent decision to work together, I collect a service fee that covers the expense of initiating the design and product selection process and subsequent project management responsibilities including communication, ordering, tracking (i.e., order status and shipping and delivery schedules) and product installation oversight responsibilities.

The service fee ranges from $300 to $900 per room and is determined based on room size and scope of design project for each room. Product pricing includes fabrication, cost of goods, shipping, delivery and installation.



For an hourly fee of $150 per hour, I also provide design consultation services based on the scope of your project. An eight-hour day rate is also available for $1,000 per day and a four-hour half day rate is $550.

Consultation services include selecting paint colors, evaluation and re-use of existing home furnishings, finish and surface selections (i.e., bathroom and kitchen tile, flooring, hardware, sinks, faucets and appliances).

Also, I can create computer-generated floor plans and room elevations for $1,000 per room with one round of complimentary revisions included.

The eight-hour full day and four-hour half day rates cover such services as accompanying clients on shopping trips. Under this type of agreement, you will purchase your products from your sources independently. These rates also cover my time shopping locally or online for additional accessories and items for the home. The cost of these additional items are paid by the client at the time of review, selection and/or installation depending on price and whether purchased in-store or online.

NOTE: Sometimes a project may begin under a standard Retail Pricing agreement then segue to a Design Consultation one – or vice-versa – depending on the needs of the project at any given time in the design, purchase and execution process.



Sometimes clients seek assistance with renovation, remodeling or repair projects as an integral part of an interior design project. Whether clients live at a distance, travel for work or simply prefer to leave project management oversight responsibilities of tradesmen to a third party, I offer project management services at an hourly rate to meet these needs. Minimum fees apply and may be priced at an initial lump sum to cover a significant investment of time then segue to an hourly basis or a renegotiated lump sum to cover additional project management time and responsibilities caused by project schedule overruns.